92 Integra not starting

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New Member
I just swapped out the b18a1 that the previous owner had hydro locked for another b18a1 and i cant get it to start. We are getting fuel, and we are getting spark to the spark plugs. The engine will crank and crank but it just wont start and i cant seem to figure out why. Any suggestions?


New Member
Ok so i definately know i am getting spark and fuel now, we pulled out the injectors and tried to start it to make sure that the injectors where firing and they were, we also managed to forget to unplug the spark plug wires and started a fire in my garage when it sparked.... so now i dont have the slightest clue why it isnt starting..... does this give anyone any clues as to whats wrong.... besides the fact that i wasnt thinking to much lol


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Leak-down test? Also, all sensors(TPS especially) working correctly?


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I'd definitely check the timing. The electronic timing should not affect this too much as it can only be very advanced or very lagged. Mechanical thoug: I had mine off by about a tooth and that sh!t was hard to get started. Also is it getting air? Sounds dumb but if your air filter is hella clogged.
What about if you disconnect the ecu? Leak down is going to be good to do but it's not necessarily going to result in it not starting. Kind of along those lines you can try cranking it by hand and see how hard it is to turn over. Compression test ghetto style.