H22 Mild Build - Piston Choice

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Hey all, I'm helping my son with his first car and we've had a few speed bumps along the way, to say the least. We had his H22A4 type-SH block sleeved. It's a 99 Prelude Type SH, yeah, I know now we should have swapped to a base, but that ship has sailed. Where we are now is the very reputable machine shop that appears to have done an excellent job with the sleeve and rebuilding the head sold us 8:1 pistons. I guess there was some confusion as we said "stock plus" and "someday he might boost it, but that's on my son's dime, down the road." We need stock compression, just to get it back on the road as his daily. We figure it's going to be another $3-4k to swap the tranny, remove the ATTS, custom mid-shaft, convert to OBD1 w/ Hondata, and tune it. This project is way over budget so we can't spend any more on it for now. The machine shop agreed to exchange the pistons to a stock compression but can't find any. I'm hoping to get a refund and source them myself. According to the service manual, stock is 10:1. The CP SC7130 is 10:0 and stock bore. Can anyone confirm these are as close to stock as I'm gong to find, or any other recommendations out there? It appears parts for this are getting harder to come by, new or used. Thanks in advance!
CP are good.

JE makes a good piston too and generally are cheaper than others. Looks like they are in stock here - https://www.enjukuracing.com/produc...-and-locks-honda-h22a-87-0mm-bore-10-0-1.html

That assumes your machine shop left the bore at 87mm.

There's nothing wrong with running the low compression pistons for now either -- it just won't make as much power.
But frankly, 8:1 is super low, even for turbo later. So, it's probably ok to get them to change them if they are willing to do so.