92 LS teg

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Hey...I'm new here. I have a 92 LS teg. I had a dry 60 shot on a almost stock motor(CAI,4-2-1,exhaust and B&M fuel reg) for a while. It was fun but I need more. The motor has about 90k on her and still runs strong. I am debating on swapping a B16a or just building the LS. I really don't think I want LS/VTEC but who knows. I'm not too sure on either going to a direct port or going turbo either. I have about 1500 bucks to spend. What are your opinions on what I should do with this. Please help spring is coming!!
For $1500 you might be able to pull off an LS/VTEC job, but I wouldn't cut corners doing something like that. Maybe a carefully pieced together turbo setup? Whatever you do, don't drop the B16A in there. The lack of torque will leave you beating yourself with multiple sledgehammers in your tender spots trying to figure out why you put a smaller displacement engine into your car.

Some options:
1. NA build: higher compression pistons, upgraded cams, keep the dry shot nitrous
2. Direct port: more power through juice, but you still have to fill the bottle
3. LS/VTEC: hard to do on this budget, but possible if you do all your own labor and are very careful
4. Turbo: very hard to do on this budget... I would recommend saving more cash if you want to go this route.
Hey thanks...now I guess my question is what is the diffrence between B16 pistons and CTR pistons. I've seen CTR pistons and rings on Ebay in
two diffrent sizes???? I know a real good mechanic but I'm not sure he knows too much about this stuff. He just knows how to put it together. Can I use my existing rods. I was told that I have to replace my rod bearings. How will my idle be and what octane will I need to use. Does anybody have any exp. with the Crower Cams...there are a few diffrent grinds???