93 Civic Ex/b18b1 Ecu?

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Junior Member
I am doing an engine swap in a 93 civic ex. the motor that is going in is a b18b1 from an 95 integra ls, the civic is currently an auto and I am going manual. the problem is that the ECU that came with the motor will not plug into the harness for the civic (factory harness). I guess my question is, since there is no break in the harness before it goes through the firewall, what do I need to do, or where do I need to go to get the ECU to connect properly. Any help is greatly appreciated.!

P.S. all the rest of the harness obviously direct plugs into the motor.
I thought the obd1 p75 plugs right into the stock civic harness? Check your ecu for what code is on the label.