93 hatch iab question

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New Member
I swapped a d16y8 in my 93 non-vtec hatchback. Almost done with wiring everything, but I have the iab that I can not figure out where the plug is. The harness I'm using I believe is off a 93 or 95 del sol. There is no iab plug in this harness, I have the plug of the iab but not sure where to run the wires to. I'm at the point where I'm running all the wires in to pin them into the ecu so I wanna do it all in 1 shot. Can anyone help me out here? I know where the vtec wires, knock sensor and o2 sensor wiring goes but can not find anything for the iab.
IAB are only on gsr and some h22 intakes. wouldn't be on the d-series at all. What's actually missing?