93 integra questions need help

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i gotta 95 integra recently totaled. i need to know if i can use my dash and seats for a 1993 integra that was gutted out. im gonna throw my motor in there from my totaled teg in there if i can use this dash and seats. o and how about the windows? im good with my 95 but no nothing on older styles... any info would help
you should be able to use the dash and seats, although a little modification will be required. the windows most definitely wont fit lol. just do some searching man... its called google
yea i dnt need the windows anymore its gotem already. but as far as a nanual tranny conversion goes i know it can be a little time consuming but will i need a 93 console or armrest? or will ii be able to get that 95 console and gear shift housing to fit?
I don't understand what you're asking here...you have a 95 Integra and you want to use the 93 Interior pieces? Or you have a 93 Integra and you want to use the 95 Interior pieces?
i have a 95. i can get a 93 ls shell. the interior of the 93 is gutted. i would need to use my dashboard if possible. i cant find a 93 dashboard online. i know the 93 is obd0 so should i rip out all the 93 wiring? use all my obd1 wires? i cant find anywhere but on here that knows if i can even use my 95 dash.
The dash and stuff is different, you're going to want to pull the wiring harness and everything too. Its not goin to be easy. I'm pretty sure the dash should work but I don't recall if the bend is different or not and how much wider/or less wide each is in comparrison. I have a dash for a 93 integra all inserts cluster and everything. All you'd have to do is ebay the center console stuff. I have most of it. If you want I can send you pics and you can make an offer =) it's in damn good condition.