93 Jdm Integra B18b?

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hey guys,
i'm thinking about buying this engine from a guy that is claiming the engine is a jdm b18b from a 93 integra. Everywhere i've looked has told me that jdm 93 integras have the b18a engine in them and usdm integras have the b18b1. Am i going wrong somewhere or is this guy scamming me?!? Thanks for any help guys.
The B18A1 came in USDM 90-93 Integra RS/LS/GS, the B18B1 came in 94-2001 Integra RS/LS/GS. I don't know if the 90-93 JDM Integra had the B18, but if they did it would have been the B18A.
Just check the block, if it says B18B only and no other number then is a JDM, if it has B18B1 then that is a USDM engine, but still 94-up Integra came out with the B18B's in the US and in Japan.
keep in mind that the JDM model years are usually a year earlier.( a USDM 94 Integra is actually a 93 JDM Integra)