95 integra won’t start

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Looked around and didn’t see anything specific on this. I have a 95 ls integra that’s b18c1 swapped. I’ve been driving it for 6 months no problem. Now it won’t start. The motor turns over and almost tries to start but dies almost instantly. If a miracle happens and it does start, it runs and drives perfect. I have a hondata ecu that I got tuned a while back, it runs a little rich but that’s about it. But If I hook up my original Ls ecu it starts up first try but because of the differences in motor doesn’t run well so I can’t drive with it. I bought a new jumper hoping that was the problem but that didn’t change anything. I have fuel and spark too. Has anyone else experienced this?
sounds like something with the tune... has the weather changed much? 2 months ago in new england it was in the 80s. now we are averaging mid 40s.
def the tune if it's starting with another ecu.

s300? Hondata s300 Programmable ECU Guide

check the fuel/temp compensation settings.

it's possible also that your locale hasn't switched to 'winter' gas. yes, it's a thing. it lights easier.

assuming you have a 1/4 tank of gas, and can putt to the station on the ls ecu, go to a different station and top up with new gas.