96 Accord ecu question

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Ok so i looked during the day today and i noticed the car isnt a dohc but a sohc vtec, the car came as a sohc non vtec but the jdm vtec swap was done to the car. the problem that im having is that the car is looking for vtec and its not there. Im not sure what ecu i need to be running so if someone can help me i would greatly appriciate it.

Issues car shows : when accelerating when the tach hits 4k-4300 rpm's the thing like bogs down and just bounces rpms like its hitting rev limiter when i know its not close to redline.

Car still has the stock ecu from the sohc non vtec.

Someone please shed some light for me thanks
You don't need two threads going on the same topic. I'm locking this one down, and I'm moving the other one here to the Accord forum.

And as for your "Why you on this forum if you can't help?" comment, really? Stupid comments like that won't win you any friends here bro. It's not like the members here get paid to hang out and answer questions. I was trying to help you in your other thread, but apparently I didn't get back to you fast enough and you had to start a whole new thread instead. Sorry that I have a job and a life that prohibits me from being at your service 24/7.

If you're not getting the answers you want, then please bump your original thread, or, feel free to go elsewhere...

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