96 dx coupe for sale/trade

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just wrecked it......front end is bashed...not to bad though.....if you still want to buy make an offer...ANY offer....highest offer takes it..... still with all parts :( creamed it on the back of an Acura Vigor.....only scratched his....bashed my front end....ill post pics with in the next week
you might get better offers with that wing off :D
hey it still runs!!!! raced my boys 93 ex the other day with the front end all fugged up and still wasted him so dont dis the DX. oh yeah,i know its rice.....it looked good when i had the kit on it but i got tired of scrapin and bustin fiber glass...so i took the wing/kit off ( got the stock one still though) cant take pics of it yet my cameras fugged up. i had it looked at....the hood,fenders,and headlights need to be replaced ( front bumper is still great just needs paint, the only structer damage is the the cross member where the hood latch is...gonna get one welded on for 100 including parts....im replacing the front end with an S14 conversion!!! :blink: and dont worry about the rice thing.....allready have pac motorsports stroker B16 in garage and Fmaxx turbo kit on the way!!! ill show you cats rice in about 4 months!!! im comin for that infamous " white sleeper four door" and you know who you are!!!!!