MD 99 Acura Integra GSR Part Out

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I am parting out a 99 GSR Super Sonic Blue.

The following items are NO GOOD or are already GONE!
-Both front fenders
-Drivers Door
-Passenger door
-Rear Tailights
-Rear Tail light panel
-Radiator w/Fans
-Rear Bumper
-GSR short block
-Shifter console
-Black Dash
-Rear disc brake conversion
-Leather wrapped steering wheel w/Airbag

What is good for sale:
-B18C1 cylinder head complete $600
-GSR trans $700
-Mounts $50
-GSR ecu $100
-Shift linkage $75
-Full Black interior panels
-Rear hatch with wing $150
-Front left suspension (all) $150
-Front Right suspension (lower control arm bent) $100
-Front sub frame $150
-Power steering rack and pump $150
-A/C system complete $200
-Gauge Cluster $50
-Steering column with turn & wiper $75
-Headliner $50
-Headlights $250
-Leather Door Panels $150
-Fat Five wheels ONLY have 3 with tires $150
-Passenger Air Bag $75
-GSR Stock Exhaust Cat back $100
-Pedal Assy $75
-Carpet Black $100
-Sunroof $100
-Passenger Door Glass $50
-Quarter Glasses Right and left $50ea

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Post says MD.

Can I get a pic of the cat back? Very interested. Also love the Super Sonic Blue. Any pics of the car prior to part out?
yes, MD...Thanks

I will snap a pic of the exhaust on Monday.

No, didn't have pics of it, it was all stock and just a daily.
are the seats for sale? they're pictured i know but didnt see them in the list, how much for all shipped to 47331?

edit: see them in the list now but no price?
Not bad. Was just curious if you had something little more permanent than duct tape on it. Then realized, theres no such thing.
Yeah, if they were minty I'd be working my ass of to snag them up... but if they were minty they'd probably be another 100.
do you have the compete motor and trans for sale with the ecu and wiring harness.... im looking for a compete swap and if you do shipping will be great im in 27127