MD 99 Acura Integra GSR Part Out

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Updated the list and yes the motor has been parted out, only have the parts listed above, maybe some other small stuff.
do you have the heater system, mine is rattling on my car when i put the heater on so i was wondering if you had one
Thanks for the pic but i just picked up a set lastnight.
Updated parts left...might be small other stuff as well.

What is good for sale:

-B18C1 cylinder head complete $600
-Mounts $50
-GSR ecu $100
-Shift linkage $75
-Full Black interior panels
-Rear hatch with wing $150
-Front left suspension (all) $150
-Front Right suspension (lower control arm bent) $100
-Front sub frame $150
-Power steering rack and pump $150
-A/C system complete $200
-Gauge Cluster $50
-Steering column with turn & wiper $75
-Headliner $50
-Headlights $250
-Leather Door Panels $150
-Passenger Air Bag $75
-GSR Stock Exhaust Cat back $100
-Carpet Black $100
-Sunroof $100
-Passenger Door Glass $50
-Quarter Glasses Right and left $50ea