A Few Questions (could you help)

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I was trying to decide what exhaust manifold to run on my b16a2, could you help please, also could you please recommend any exhaust systems excluding back tailpipe's, plus what tips does anybody have when doing the swap, and what would you recommend me doing to the engine before i put it in place, things shuch as uprated clutch and other such parts.
I would really appriciate all the help as some people in the uk dont have any ideas, price is not essentialy an issue.

Thank you for all of your assistance
Regards Richie VEi (soon to be Richie VTi)

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exhaust manifold meaning header right? if so then stick with a simple DC 4-1 header

if you talkin about INTAKE MANIFOLD then go with skunk2 or stock type r

full exhaust cat-back, i say tanabe... but i dont really know how well the work i have a simple thermal muffler with custom piping....


If price is not an issue order up a Mugen header and a twin loop cat back.But if your on somewhat of a budget,I'd stick with some average stuff like DC,Apex,etc...I personaly don't see huge differences in the products other than name.You can get a lot of type R parts that would yield factory quality upgraded performance.
As far as your motor goes,while it's out of the car you should replace all the timing belt,waterpump,thermostat,fanswitch,sparkplugs,cap,rotor,wires,clutch and basicaly anything that looks like it is leaking or on its last leg.
thank you for all your help, it is much appriciated, now another favour, where could i buy these components, and could i have a rough estimate on prices doesnt matter if its in US dollars or UK pounds

Kind Regards and Thaks Richie


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jason@alljdm can probably get you most of it.... im not sure if he ships overseas or not.


Originally posted by richie_vei@Dec 27 2002, 03:46 AM
i gonna be doing the swap next week and as i said need to know everything i can as its my first swap
so can anybody help

regards richie

If your just looking to get it running for the moment,then you can bolt the header directly to your vx exhaust it will suck but it will work till you can find and get something new.Anything else,just post as you need info because it is hard to say what problems your going to run into,if any.