A Good Turbo For D16z6

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i want to put a turbo on my SOHC VTEC d16z6 what turbo kit should i get or should i get a turbo manifold and a turbo seprately and then work something out to get it all set up which turbo and manifold should i get or which turbo kit should i get for this engine
build it yourself. it will be cheaper.

run a straight t3, or a 16g on it.

i have an intercooler for sale if you want it. pm me for detials
where can i get a t3 for a decent price and where do i get a dseries manifold for the turbo and what do i need to get to hook up the piping also what else do i need besides the turbo manifold bigger fuel injectors and fuel pump?

read our turbo section for whats in a kit
If you dont have alot of $ I would recommend a greddy kit. There is almost always one for sale on honda-tech.com in the classifieds for $1500 or less for an intercooled kit. I believe that kit comes with an 18g. Im not sure though.
at the cheapturbo.com site is that the price for a kit with the t3/t04s or are they just for the turbos if its just the turbo where can i get the piping and the turbo manifold
i was looking at the edelbrock turbo for the d16y8 what would i have to do to make this turbo work with the z6?
homemadeturbo.com thats all i gonna say. i built a kit for my rex and am boosting 8 psi with no problems for 650 bucks. no thats cheap. hunt in junkyards. for your motor get a hf, std, vx manifold then make an adapter plate. its easy. pre fab kits are a big waste of money.