Turbo build

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Ok level with me guys so I'm building my 1991 Acura Integra RS an it's the hatchback version has a B18B1 motor in it I'm not sure what type of Transmissions is in it but I'm pretty sure you guys know but what I have to build a turbo I have a eagle forged crank forged pistons stage 2 camshafts with valves and retainers and springs a stage 4 clutch with race fly wheel stronger timing belt as well but of what I'm really asking is with all this stuff on here and a turbo setup of course what type of bearing should I use cuz I'm pretty sure the stock Bearing won't hold up with all these new performance parts and me throwing boost at it I don't know how much the crank bearings and the rod bearings will hold so do you guys have any ideas of what type of bearings I should use for the bottom end cuz I'm also rebuilding the motor as well when I put all the performance stuff in it oh an what type on trans is good for it to
Stock bearings are actually considered the best by most who build these engines. There are many reasons Hondas run for as long as they do, and one of them is the bearings. I'd run stock bearings if you can, make sure to use Plastigage and take your time to get the clearances dialed in. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's probably best you take your bottom end to a professional.

Any transmission will work just fine but the gearing is vastly different between B-Series transmissions. Do some searching and you'll see. Off the top of my head, the LS is longest, GSR second longest, and B16 is the shortest. A good middle ground is the GSR transmission with some form of an aftermarket LSD.