Air Intake

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What air intakes would work properly with my 89 Lude Si? Is it possible to make any intake work onto my car? Like an intake that would fit onto a 92-96 Prelude. Because i noticed that most shops don't have intakes for my 89 Lude Si.
You can usaully get similar intakes to fit,you need to make sure the TB diameter is similar and that it has different sections that can be manipulated to fit your applications fitment in your car.
Avoid the overpriced weapon R garbage.You will get the same from the one that cost a hundred dollars less.
build one! 40 bucks will build you a simple intake. buy some bendable exhaust pipe from your auto store then a filter then the rubber coupling thingy.
i have a type R intake tube and K&N filter i'll sell for 50+ shipping.

its nearly brand new, and should work very well with your setup.

i now have an is a picture.

chet, i saw in your pictures you got rid of your intake, I liked that custom box thing though, looked good.
I would build by own intake.