alternator wiring b16a

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i posted the same thread in the inegra section but i havent got a reply from anyone.. so im posting here in hopes that someone with more experience with swap wiring will see it..

I have a 91 integra with a b16a sirII motor in it..

my alternator went out so i got a new one but not thinking about it, i got one for a 2000 civic si so the plugs dont match up.. i went to the junk yard and grabbed a obd2 plug off of an accord since i had seen that you can just splice the wires together..

i went to connect the new plug to my wiring harness but i only have three wires on the harness and there are four on the plug.

the OBD2 plug has four wires:
blue white/green
white/blue white/blue
black/yellow black/yellow

the three wires i have:

this is confusing me because i thought 1991 tegs were obd1 which have four wires but i only have three.. so would that mean i have obd0 wires? (i'm not really familliar with obd0) and would i be able to still splice the obd2 plug in or do i have to get a different alternator?
Good question, I'd like to know if it's possable too.

So far I've seen 3 different types of alternator plugs under the hoods of my friends and my car. One is round with a 4 pin plug, one is square (with rounded corners) with 4 smaller pins and the last one is like yours, the 3 pin oval? plug.

Can anyone help to quickly sort out which is OBD0/1/2? All I know is my 95 ZC uses the round 4 pin alternator plug and it runs an OBD1, P28 computer. I was told the square 4 pin socket is OBD2 but I'm still unsure...

Thanks for any help!!!
I did some research and i know for sure the four pin square is obd2. I also know all OBD1 plugs are 4 pin round. I found out that my 91 integra is OBD0 and there are three wires, so i'm assuming its the three pin, but the old alternator i had in my car had a round connector too. and pretty much all of the places i have looked to figure out which wires go where to convert the plugs from obd0 to obd2, the obd0 has four wires. so i'm still at a loss there but i hope that answers your question