an rx-7 with a chevy block

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I feel confident that its a mid 14sec car in the 1/4 mile.

thats really sad ... dumbass could have hit mid 14s with the engine that was in there for less money than putting that heavy ass V8 in there cost....
ACtually the 350 doenst add much weight and can make the rx7 go through the 1/4 a lot fatser thatn the rotory
im gunna have to disagree on the weight thing ... i work with them all the time ... my friend has about 15 of them ... its a 1.3l engine its light as fuck ... you cant tell me a 5.0l doesnt weigh much more than a 1.3l
v8 block weighs problaby almost double that of the rx7 original block.
1. Automatics are better for drag when built properly
2. Someone out there built a bolt-in Chevy V8 block engine cradle for the RX-7
3. It's not that expensive
4. I want one

A guy I know did the 350 in a late 80s something RX7...he says it hauls major ass. This guy also has a riding lawnmower powered a 750cc honda motorcycle engine ;) Funny thing is, he's supposed to be helping me with my swap! :blink:
I'd rather have the rotary engine.
[sarcasm]I'd take the underengineered, prone-to-cracking-a-cylinder-head Chevy big block any day.[/sarcasm]
Um, yeah, that's why I have an automatic. It's, uh, gonna be on the drag strip. Yeah.....
if one wants a v8 get a camaro or somthing domestic, don't screw with a good car like that. that is one less rx7 in the world.