another b16 problem!!! help!!!

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ok now that i got vtec working and so fourth i'm having shifting problems. like if i try to down shift from 3rd to 2nd going over liek 25 or 30 mph it grids. or sometimes going into reverse. and yes i'm pushing the clutch all the way to the floor. Or even sometimes when i try to down shift to 3rd while getting off the freeway it just straight won't let me go in and i would have to grind into second and go into third. Any ideas wtf could be wrong wiht my engine or tranny? Do you guys think its the clutch or what. One more thing when i'm like racing and shifting through gears i hear it grind a lil still.... Please don't tell me my tranny is bad.. please
Honda sells a synchro kit for the transmission that came on the Del Sol VTEC, I imagine that they also sell a synchro kit for the 99-00 Si. I don't know if either of these kits will work with the tranny you have. Which tranny is it?
cheap not really working salution would be to buy this one kind of trans fluid (forgot it off hand) like syncro sother or something like that, some times that helps.

another easy salution would be to just flush the trans fluid, and replace with HONDA MANUAL TRANS FLUID.

Expensive salution is to have the transmission rebuilt.
Third is to just buy a new trans. Go to a junk yard and look around. Any b-series tranny will work but the type R tranny is probally the best (but good luck finding one in a junk yard) The gsr is also a desent trans but the thing is the gears are a little longer so not the best acceleration but you will get better gas milage and higher top speed.
i have probally said this many times before and if you have ever read my post you will quickly find out i am the worst speller to ever walk this planet
take it to a tranny shop and have them crack the seal on the trans and look at the syncros and if they are bad replace them if not replace them while its open