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ok, i have finally saved the money for a car and a swap. i had a 2000 civic si but payments were just too high. i have about 8 g to spend now. i was looking into either a civic hatchback between 1990 and 1996. then i was thinking of swaping in a b16. any suggestions or coments please. i want speed yet i need reliabilty too as this will be my everyday car. thanks
Well dude for starters...90-96 civics would include 3 different series of civic. Also there are 2 different kind of B16 engines. Answer this first please then we can help you a little better:

1) Is having a new looking car important to you?

2) Do you wish to use all your 8 grand or least amount possible?

3) Are you gonna do the install or a shop?

Basically these are all questions to test if your are cost conscience or not. I'll be on the forums so jsut answer and we can help ya.
i want the car to look nice but i will put more money into that after the engine stuff. the 8g is how much i have put aside for it and i am willing to spend all of it accept for maybe some money for some wheels and exaust. i will do th swap myself. if you can give me your thoughts on the civic to get. i like the look of both models(before 94 and after). thanks for the info.
You can pick up a 5th gen for around $2000-$5000,depending on condition and model.You can get a motor for around $300-$9000,depending on what it is and if it's built.So you see there are a lot of things to consider.You can get a 92-95 and put a B18C1 in it for that amount,and be pretty happy.
Ok I'll give ya two options that would work out pretty nice:


Car: 1991 CRX
Engine: B16a1

This combo is good because the CRX has a cable tranny and is OBD0 stock so a first generation B16 would be easy to put in. You could easily find a 1991 crx for around 2k and the entire swap for around 1100 or 1200 bucks. That will leave around 4800 dollars to put parts on the engine. You could run this car as a reliable daily driver if you took the engine to get ported and polished, and upgrade the internals some for under a grand. After that you could drop on any number of exhausts because almost all the gear for the crx's are cheap and can be found all over ebay and partstrader. Get yourself a new suspension setup all around and maybe even new bushing everywhere to really improve ride quality and handling. With the money left over you could decide to go turbo or supercharger.


Car: 92-95 Civic Hatch
Engine: B18B1 or B16a2

Alright I know you want to go with a b16 but let me sell you on the integra engine. You can find a 92-95 civic hatch or coupe if you wish for around 3k if you look or less for a screwed engine. Since you will have a lot of money to work with the Integra engine would kick ass. The B18B1 is a Non-VTEC engine that is probably the best base for putting on a turbo or boost setup. The bottom end is one of the strongest stock bottom ends in the B series. The fact that it is non-VTEC makes the turbo timing hella easy because you don't have to worry about VTEC/Turbo crossover. With a little bit of upgraded internals you could have a boost monster on your hands. Plus the B18B1 can be bought for around 1400 dollars opposed to the B16a2 which will go for around 3 grand. My call...Buy the B18B1 if you want to turbo or supercharge at any point. Go for the B16A2 with a lot of N/A upgrades if you want. Or for that much money you could easily do a B18C5 which is an Integra GSR engine. Look around and use the search function to look up lots of resources on anything regarding these engines and car combos.

I would stick with the 4th and 5th generation civics because you will get the best bang for the buck. Hope that helped some.

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what about a 5th gen (92-95) civic VX (lightest body style) for around 2-3 grand (depending on condition) and add a B20z (~$1200). Run a little xtra wiring, throw on a Vtec head (~$200-300) for a CR-Vtec for lots o' hi-RPM power. Stock B20z has 150hp and 148tq. Add to that some after market mods and zoom, zoom, zoom!!! :p

Since you want to scrap the stock engine anyway, I'd look at an auction in your area. Check the yellow pages and newpaper for bank auctions, impound lot auctions, theft recoveries (depending on your state), etc. You should get a decent body and interior for close to $1000 (maybe less). Since you'll be changing everything that matters (engine, tranny, susp, wheels, tires, gauges, shifter, exhaust, etc) there really isn't any sense in paying for something you're going to either throw away or sell for 1/3-1/2 what you just paid for it in the car.

Good luck!!
how difficult is the b16a2 swap into a 5th gen (92-95) civic? thanks