Anyone Else Find This Suspicious?

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check it out. If it is just a shitty rusted out stock rex with siR and mugen stickers on it then you know the price is ok. If the thing is the nicest thing you have ever seen, run a vin check on it make sure it is not hot (can you ask the police to check to see if it is hot?) Maybe it is the guys heart and sol and is legit and he is getting a devorice and does not want his wife to take half his earning. (old auto shop teacher did this and sold his 11 sec GTO to a buddy for a dollar) It is only 9 miles (which means 20 autotrader does not know what miles are) away so if it is shit, wow 1 hour or your life gone. If it is the devorise situation, you just got yourself a sweet as car for 800
Originally posted by vtecsir1@Feb 5 2003, 05:35 PM
dude type-r tranny on an h22 engine come on.

oh i did not even read the whole thing, (i am in a hurry)
Wasn't even thinking about buying this car...seems kinda ricey. I also don't like the fact that you can't even test drive it! How ghey is that?
Originally posted by vtecsir1@Feb 5 2003, 05:35 PM
dude type-r tranny on an h22 engine come on.

Euro Type R h22 y0! They are made, just only in Europe.
I want to roll and check it out just to take a digital camera so I can take pix and post em...but I have my sights set on a 6th gen Hatch.
i emailed dude askin for pics, hope he responds, and called him but no answer, maybe i will try again....sounds a little fishy to me
his reason for it being cheap is fishy... "DOES NOT PASS SMOG IN CALI! thats why its so cheap."

all you have to do is pay a smog guy $150 and it will pass, like magic :)
that car was on ebay a while back I believe my brother said. he looked int o it and stuff and said everything on the car is hot when he emailed the guy. it was white in the picture and also said can not pass emissions.
Dude, it's a rex for can sell all the rice parts for more than that. If your close, check it out.
i would be on that shit if i was close, id get that shit and pretend i had a chop shop, gut the bitch, use the parts that you need and sell the others, trash the title or somethin
fuck selling the sure he's lying about shit but.. if he isnt lying about the h22.. you cant get a h22 swap that cheap
Originally posted by vtecsir1@Feb 5 2003, 09:35 PM
domeskilla , i thought the accord r motor was an f20 not an h22

Nope its a h22 euro type r. :) The "fast ones" for the countries are below.

EDM = EURO Type R H22's

JDM = Type S H22's

Im not sure the difference in type r tranny's and the type s. Im assuming nothing, b/c jdm is the land that gets all the good, but this site doesn't cater much to h-series b/c its not a huge swap like b-series are. I'll ask tho, b/c I am curious :)