Anyone Ever Used These Shocks? Reviews?

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Awww, those are adorable

always amused to see how petite the shafts are on most shocks after running Bilstein HDs



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Welp, I banged these things out on Saturday. Setup feels good, and the lowering is mild, but noticeable and a good mix between stiffness and streetability, which is exactly what I was hoping for with the Pro Kit springs.

My only complaint is regarding the shocks...there's this small metal "cup" on top which the upper pillowball mounts goes in to...for some reason, they phave square metal edges on them that prevented me from shoving the assembly up through the holes in the shock towers. Unfortunately I did not have a grinder handy, so I had to just take a hammer and beat them down a bit. Will post a picture later. I'm puzzled as to why they would design them that way. The factory top mounts are just completely round.

Other than that, everything fit together great and install was easy.

Anybody have a set of Si or Integra wheels that they'd like to sell me? That would just about complete all of what I wanted to do to this thing...