Anyone Know How To Swap Obd2a To Obd2b?

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Can anyone help out? I bought a 98 B18B thinking it was going to hook up in my 99 EX. Turns out that the 96-98 uses connectors A,C and D. My 99 harness uses A,B and C. I think every plug hooks up the same as 96-98 swaps, but I'm not sure on the ECU side of the 99 harness. Does anyone know if any of these pins need to to be relocated? Please help out ANYONE!!
the easiest thing to do is to get a newer ecu from an ls that is obd2b. it will plug right in and run it how it is.

i bet you can find someone to trade staright up...
So I don't need to repin a few wires like on the 96-98 swaps? I'll be going the OBD1 route, but I'm still not sure if I need to repin a few on the ECU side. Help, Anyone have a 00' LS ETM?