Obd2a harness to Obd2b dizzy question

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I thought maybe if I posted the specific question in it's own thread I'd get some detailed answers.

So I'm putting a B20z2 out of a 1999 CRV in a 98 Integra RS

I understand the obd2a harness from the integra has a 10 pin plug dizzy like my 96 integra and the obd2b dizzy plug from the 99 CRV is a 8 pin, so my question if I use an adapter like this one I found (http://www.rywire.com/product-p/dis-2-2-10pin-8pin.htm) in another thread what happens to the other 2 wires? If the harness is "asking" for 10 and I only give it 8 then what am I missing out on? Am I understanding this correctly?

My friend who makes lithium ion batteries for a living offered to help me with some soldering work and show me how to do it myself, so I can avoid the 35$ to buy an adapter for a 50$ distributor.

So my main questions:

What two pins do I not use and how does this effect the motor?

Does anyone know where I can find a wiring diagram to the distributor or do I have to match colors?

Also the 98 harness had the injectors cut... I can just use the obd2 injectors from the CRV harness right?
found this-- maybe it helps?

Yeah I found a similar diagram today


So the next question this raises is what is stated at the end of the picture, about adding RPM control wires but I couldn't find the "more on this soon..."