Anyone like riding horses?

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King County sheriff's detectives are investigating the owners of an Enumclaw-area farm after a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on the property.

Investigators first learned of the farm after the man died at Enumclaw Community Hospital July 2. The county Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the death was accidental and the result of having sex with a horse.

A surveillance camera picked up the license plate of the car that dropped the man off at the hospital, which led detectives to the farm and other people involved, said sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart.

Deputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured, said Urquhart.

But because investigators found chickens, goats and sheep on the property, they are looking into whether animal cruelty — which is a crime — was committed by having sex with these smaller, weaker animals, he said.

The farm was talked about in Internet chat rooms as a destination for people looking to have sex with livestock, he said.

"A significant number of people, we believe, have likely visited this farm," said Urquhart.

The Humane Society of the United States intends to use the case during the next state legislative session as an example of why sex with animals should be outlawed in Washington, said Bob Reder, a Humane Society regional director in Seattle.

"This and a few other cases that we have will allow us a platform to talk about sex abuse of animals," Reder said.
If I ever caught someone doing that on my property, crime or not, I'd be happy to ventilate their skull by way of a large-caliber projectile. :ph34r:
Can't you read? The article says at the very top that he DIED FROM INJURIES SUSTAINED...

"Ich binde reiter... du bis das ross"

"tiefer... tiefer... sag es... sag es laut"
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jul 16 2005, 08:35 PM
Can't you read? The article says at the very top that he DIED FROM INJURIES SUSTAINED...

"Ich binde reiter... du bis das ross"

"tiefer... tiefer... sag es... sag es laut"
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Once again proving a point that no one reads anything.
Originally posted by Celerity@Jul 16 2005, 09:20 PM
I didn't read it through, but I did read something about sex with livestock and you better not bring me into this.

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Is your avatar a hemroid?
It's meatwad, and as soon as I saw King County, I knew EXACTLY where it was...I used to live in Enumclaw :)
My family loves and owns horses. My step sister works at the ranch, and I've met the people that also work there and love their horses.

Horse owners in the NE US, that includes northern New Jersey and New York, All have sex with their horses.

I'm willing to bet, it's about 95% of them actively have sex with their horses. There, I said it.

-> Steve
Oh yeah, I came back to this thread 4 hours after I posted and I still agree with what I said. They all have sex with their horses. The girls especially.

I found out recently that there is one girl that offers to clean the stallions "Sheaths" for everyone else during washing time. I'm not shitting you. They love the horse-sex.

They trade saddles for each other, they whip each other, it's a basking and flowing stable of uncontrolled hormones and $800 saddles. Left alone, and they are sick.

And Jockies, don't get me started about those little fuckin trolls.
Strangely, I somehow believe him. :blink:

But...wouldn't the horses um...appose such behavior, i.e. kicking, moving. I mean, that must be like sucking off Kubota tractor. One false move, and *squish*. :eek: