anyone want a beat 91 integra

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I'm in illinois. as far as price I'll take any reasonable offer I'm definantly not looking for to much though
Originally posted by Baker@Nov 4 2002, 11:53 AM
I'll take any reasonable offer

i dont think $1.00 will cut it.

how about 5 dollars... thats the highest ill go. j/k
me too.....m if i had money i would buy it

i put a compustar in my car and bought two new amps so i have no money
i would seriously consider that but i'll warn you this car needs a lot of work if you are actually planning on driving it, its better to gut and steal the engine and work on that...i seriously want under $1000 for it, i'm thinking like $750-$800
like how much work and do u have any pics? hell i dont have a license so i got all winter long to fix a car up. lemme know...