ARP head stud kit for D15b7 block??

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I had bought the head bolts for the D16y8 head I am putting onto my D15b7 block. they are about an inch too short on the threaded end. They were only 3 bucks each so no big loss. but the old stock D15b7 bolts fit perfect! Well back to the dealership where the D15b7 head bolts cost $9 bucks each!!!
Summit sells ARP head stud kit for "honda D16 series, 10mm" for $90 bucks.
Will these fit my block or will these be an inch short on the threaded end as well?
the part no. is ARP-208-4301.
for anyone reading this, let me save you some time.... in my Y8 mini me swap i ended up using 8 of the ARP studs and 2 Honda Y8 headbolts. the 2 holes on the back outside corners of the block were different and ARP studs wouldnt fit!! but the other holes in the middle did not have enough thread for the Y8 headbolts. I could have tried buying b15b7 headbolts from honda, but @ 9 bucks each that would been expensive if they didnt work.... Good luck w/ your mini-me :worthy: