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I was bored in class so I grabbed the new pen tablet thing that transfers to MS Paint.
Yeah, that's mine. I had one minute to put it in, so it looks like crap. Monday I'll post a new one =0
I need caption titles and I'll work from there.
HondaSwap...where VTECnology reigns supreme.

ok maybe thats a lil lame but its the best i can come up with at the moment...LOL
It's stupid, I know. Just wondering what OZ Chronos and blacked out headlights (80's) would look like:

Even a hidden image in there.
i see it :D

silouette of a woman sitting down in the reflection under the passenger mirror
Originally posted by Prowler@Jan 7 2003, 01:11 AM
Even a hidden image in there.

i didn't see it till you told me, lol.. i noticed the shadow, but didn't really link it to a nudie girl.