B-16a1 Tb Gasket

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Junior Member
I've got the first gen b16 in my 91 hatch, and I can't seem to find the correct tb gasket for that motor. I went to Honda and tried the b16a2 and b16a3, but they were way different. I think this is because they have the map sensor on top of the tb instead of on the firewall like the early integras do. I'm using one from a 90-93 integra but it didn't match perfectly and I'm getting a very high and surging idle and I think this is the problem. So if any one knows which gasket would would please help me out, thanks.
The 90 model integra one should be right. 92-92 uses the same map sensor style as the newer civic's and tegs, on the TB.

Your surging could be from otehr reasons as well. If you have a friend at a local dealership, have them put it on the scanner. This will tell all.

I'd put money on the IAC motor on the back of the manifold. I had 3 give me fits before I picked one up off a genuine ITR for my ITR manifold.