Head gasket replacement 2006 CRV

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Angelo Aprile

New Member
My daughter has a 2006 CRV that recently needed the head gasket replaced. I'll add that I'm divorced and live 50 miles from my kids, so my access to the vehicle is limited. I'll add that I have replaced entire engines, head gaskets and other jobs, so I have a pretty good amount of experience with engines.

My daughter and her mom took the car to a mechanic that did the job and seemed to have done it correctly, but soon after the car started leaking oil at a significant rate (about a quart/week) when it didn't have this problem before the gasket job. They returned the car to the same shop and were told there was no leak. They brought it back again and then they were told the oil pan plug was loose and they tightened it. Next day there was another pool of oil on the floor. They went to another mechanic who says the oil pan gasket is leaking and that it is tied to the head gasket job. The original mechanic also told my daughter they had to take the engine out of the car to replace the head gasket. I found this to be very odd and did some research. I found that the head can be removed without removing the entire engine.

My questions:

  1. Is there any reason why one would remove the engine in order to change the head gasket?
  2. Isn't is easier to change the gasket than it is to remove the entire engine from the car?
  3. If you do remove the engine, is there any reason why one must drop the oil pan?
I'm also thinking there is a misunderstanding and it's not the oil pan that's leaking, but the valve cover. They insist the mechanic said oil pan.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
1- no
2- yeah, there's no way they pulled the engine to do this. doesn't make any sense
3- again unnecessary.

could be the VC gasket, you should be able to see that very easily at the top of the engine if there's a leak.
"ever since club" Welcome to hondaswap ! well I would verify where the oil is leaking from before making any assumptions , 0% chance they looked at/touched the oil pan on a head gasket job other than changing the oil when finished , if you have replaced head gaskets/engines etc it will literally be as fast as looking at the engine from each side to verify where it is leaking from. and id far believer the oil pan leaking over the valve cover because generally the valve cover only leaks when the engine is running the oil doesnt go above the gasket surface when the engine is not running, it really is part of owning a older car man ive replaced/fixed on thing many a times and another problem springs up sure enough, let us know how it goes but do not instantly put the blame on the mechanic until it has been verified where its leaking from is from their work