b16 hatch is actin up

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i have a 90 hatch with a b16a swap that recently began to not crank anymore. all i could hear was a little noise from the starter but no turning or cranking of the engine when I would turn the key. so I replaced the battery and still nothing. then I bought another used starter and it started up on the first try. i drove it around all day and no problems. i probably started it up 5-6 times with no problem.. but this morning i went to start it up and it was back to that little noise from the starter again and no cranking when I turned the key. so i jumped the hatch`s battery with my other car and it started up immediately.:confused:.. the hatch doesnt have a radio or anything im leaving on, so what could it be ?
Make sure all your grounds are good and clean. Also do you have a CEL? My bet would be that you have a bad ground and it isnt charging.
i agree check the grounds. tired to prime my motor and didnt have all the grounds hooked up. got a noise from the starter as well
what is a cel ? and i will check my grounds and get back to you on that one.
thanx guys yall were rite on point, it was the ground that connects to the neg terminal on battery to the tranny,...