B16 in CRX

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I found this on Craigslist for $2500:
b16 motor/trans
Place Racing b series mounts
Hasport B series swap axles
Shift linkage
B16 header back exhaust:
obd 0 b16a1 approx 80-90k
zdyne ecu w/ 1 wire vtec conversion
88-89 integra b16 hasport engine harness

ive got an 85 rex i know i have to do all of the fuel system mods, vss, and wiring, but is there anything else ive gotta do to get this beast in my crx? what brake rotors do I use for the hasport axles? im going to try and get the guy's price down a bit. he says he thinks its got about 90k on it.
Not a good deal you can get b16's for way cheaper then that. Look around for some good deals and I am sure some huys around HS can recommend some places.
you can find cheaper. try www.hmotorsonline.com or you can find a local importer and get a full clip. an obd0 swap is easy and cheap to do.

and never trust a sellers mileage. i usually add 20,000 to what they say.