B16 Swap - Trouble - Not Running

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Junior Member
I've got a 91 Civic Si and I just swapped in a b16 first gen. It'll start and turn over but won't run. I don't have the 4 VTEC wires hooked up yet. (Knock sensor, VTEC, Oil Pressure, 2nd O2). I noticed when I checked to see if it was getting fuel, the fuel line to the fuel rail was dry. Is there a way to test a fuel pump w/ a test light to see if it's getting power? I think that may be it. Or is there something I didn't do (like the pins needed to be switched on the ecu)? I know the ecu is getting power because the PR3 ecu light is on and remains on. Thanks for any and all help.

To test with a test light,just ground it and start touching the hot wires.Check your fuel filter too.
I checked the fuel pump and it's not turning on so I went and tested w/ a test light and the fuel pump isn't getting any power. Could it be the fuel pump relay since I don't seem to find a fuse for the fuel pump?

I wish I could say for sure,but I don't have my helms here.Someone here should know and you need this.