B16a All Engine

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I have a 90 civic si hb and am going to swap in a b16a. With all the usualy bolt ons, intake and exhaust, what kind of numbers can i expect to be running. :huh:

Oh, and would i stand a chance against my bud's 97 ITR ( Dc header and intake ( dont know brand) ) <_<
with a shitload of work, you can come close to your buds itr.
you'll need some cams, engine management, cam gears, ALL the bolt ons, maybe a throttle body, intake manifold from skunk2 or an ITR one....
Thats what i thought..and ya i kno that there are a lot fo factors which can make engines produce differing results.. i was just looking for an estimate.

thanks though :D
* do you have it in *

grammar has never been my strong point

Also, how much more does it weigh than the stock d16a6?
I think it would be up to the drivers most Type Rs run 14.6-15.3 depending on what year "R&D test as with other mags" SCCM has a 92-95 HB with B16A and ran a 14.7 or 14.8
just do the swap if you can't beat him turbo it and kill him =)
i have a fully built b16a2 in a civic coupe 93 and i smoke my buddies gsr(intake header exhaust nology ignigtion skunk2manni) all day every day so you would have a chance fully building it..... i dont know i have never ran apon a itr that i could have a chance at they are all turbo around here. plus baszracing.com does all the work on itrs mostly so build it and try
honda origninal equipment already has some of the best engine parts. anything that is ITR or CTR is good. Cams, valvesprings, retainers, valves, pistons, crank, intake manifold, exhaust manifold (header), etc. also companies like skunk2, toda, and jun make some very high quality parts like toda individual throttle bodies, or skunk2 racing camshafts. with an all-motor setup, almost all of the power is locked in the head. a good port on the head and the intake manifold, as well as a high quality valve job, and maybe some custom exhaust manifold work, like adjusting each individual primary will produce impressive results. all-motor is the most dependable way to go, but it all depends on how much you want to spend.
i had a b16 with a PYR race head (massive port and polish job), ctr pistons, crane cams, crower valvetrain, i/h/e, vafc, and it ripped hard... well ya know for a b16 in a crx