b16a head on a b18c1 block?

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is this a good idea? will it be much cheaper than a full b18c1 swap, and will it be worth it? let me know guys.....
if you use a usdm b18c1 block with stock internals and a b16 head you will get a c/r of 9.8:1

it'll work, but i would consider new pistons.. pr3 or p30 pistons will net a c/r of 11.33:1
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 29 2002, 12:38 AM
its wont be any cheaper really...  b16 heads go for about the same price as a gsr head
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i have a 99 b16 head & a 94 jdm b18c1 block.....

what are the best piston & cams that i can use for an allmotor setup and what other modifications do i need to make for this setup?????

this is for a 99 civic si thanks...................