B16a int a VE/VXi

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can i put the VTi clocks in and the 4 wire o2 sensor can i buy a converter block to change it to 5 wire 1
Yes and yes actually I've heard that all the models come with the wiring for the clock,but I havn't opened mine up yet.
ps i saw this o e-bay wonderd if it was worth buying

Item name: SPOON 92-95 B16A CIVIC ECU CHIP for OBD1 PR3
I ordered mine from dc cuz I'm lazy and hate wiring stuff.As far as the "spoon" ecu chip I doubt it.I would avoid buying stuff like that on ebay,to many people just add tags to something cuz they know someone will by it,when it really is a piece of shit.Also the ones that are real are made for modified engines and won't do you any good anyway.I'm sure there are some out there that are worth it but you'd have look.Hondata apparently has some good stuff for lightly moded motors.
already put a bid in of $20 doh!!!!

where can i purchase the o2 thingy and what was the cost

ps sorry im not saying please and thank you just really stressed with the car at the moment managed to get everything sorted about when im getting it after me posting that when i was/wasnt picking it up, 2day i organized trailer and van to pick engine up, ringing scrapyard monday to let them know i will be picking it up on friday, then doing the swap a fortnight after that now i have the swapping planned out, im gonna strip VTI engine out next sunday im trying to get hold of a VTi manual and a honda parts disk to see what parts are what
Richie,your pm mailbox is full delet some items.I was told it is plug and play.I hope so I haven't seen mine yet I am here for another 4 or 5 months.