b16a-SiR Vacuum Routing

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how do i setup the vacuum lines in a 90 crx dx with a b16a swap?? i did a search but nothingmatched what i was looking for :( thanks for the help



That should help you. Let me know if tehre are anymore tha you need.
That is all I have on my computer right now. I could go out and take another pic if you would be specific about what you want to see. The MAP sensor gets routed to teh TB anyways. For som ereason origianlly they have it Td into a line from teh TB to a block off spot under the right side of the factory MAP mounting block. LMK what you want to see a pic of and I'll get it.
Well, the FPR just goes straight to a tiny nipple on the back of the IM near where teh brake booster line goes. The other thing you are talkin about, I do not have on my IM, so I dont know where it goes.