b16a throttle body

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Can b16a throttle body used on itr intake ,can it be modified to preform better.
Why would you put a b16a tb on an itr manifold? The itr tb would be better unless you went with jg 65 mm tb or a spoon 70 mm tb.
sorry do you mean intake or intake manifold... well in the case of the intake get an aftermarket intake like aem cold air.
itr intake manifold. we do not have aftermarket any support for vtec motors in jordan,so we have to make best with original used honda
parts.(whats available at junk yards)
using a b16 tb will work but would defeat the purpose of the itr intake manifold. the itr mani has a wider bore than the b16 tb. u would need to widen the bore of the b16 tb and replace the butterfly. simply boring the outside of the tb is not as effective (spoon does this on their peices) but if u cannot locate an itr tb or an aftermarket peice then u can taper the outside of the b16 tb, not as good, but better than leaving it stock HTH's
thanks guys. i have to bored the b16 tb for now & wait for the good stuff