B16a1 into a 5 gen. civic sedan 1993

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Dear Honda fans,

I want to place a B16a1 (europe) into a 5 gen. civic sedan DXI. I'm searching for information on how to wire the ecu ODB.1 ( The ecu is from the CRX-Vtec and came with the motor).

The problem is that the plugs don't match the wiring harness of inside part of the DXI wiring harness and i'm missing the wires for the Vtec.

Please who can help me??!!

(Unfortunatly the garage that said they would perform the swap got stuck and let me in the cold my car is now without the engine. And not driving for three months now)

Any help will be appreciated.

Greetings Jeffrey (The Netherlands)
see our articles section-- there are 4th gen cahssi pin outs.
see our article section again for the p30/p28 motor pin out.

happy connecting :)