B16a2 in a 90 rex questions

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Ive searched and searched for answers all over. YES... there are threads that cover this.. well, kinda. However, they all redirect and point the person in the other direction suggesting not to buy that specific engine and go with this one over here instead, it would be cheaper and blah blah blah. Anyway, I've already got my engine, tranny, etc. Im just confused on what i need to do with it to work. I have a fully built b16a2 out of a 99 em1. I have an integra "a1" cable tranny with the 4.40 final drive so itll match the b16 rpms, etc without modification or need of a hydro converter and alk that garbage. My biggest concern is going from obd2 on the engine to match my rex. Its a 90 si, mpfi from factory and all that good stuff. Im not worried about the ecu right now, ive got the conversion harness for that. I just need to know "how" to convert my obd2b engine to work with my car. Again... i know theres threads out there on this, but not really ON this. Theyre mainly deterring the person from doing the obd2 b16 swap and less on the "how" to do it part. So any help on "how" i can convert my engine would be appreciated. What Dizzy, alternator, etc is needed to match? Thanks!
Put a obdo ecu , intake, dizzy , done

Okay so that leads to a couple more questions if you dont mind answering. 1. Which obd0 dizzy will work on that bolt pattern since not just any obd0 dizzy will bolt up to it?
2. What about the alternator? Do i use the obd2 one and splice in a pigtail from an obd2 harness to the obd0 harness or is there an obd0 one that will fit the bracket?
Use integra b18a1 alt obd0 and if I recall the dizzy bolts up fine
Any obd0 or OBD1 teggy alternator should work since they have same size and plugs. I wouldn't use OBD0 crap... That said. Invest in an OBD1 system, you said you have a built b16, don't you want a system that can support tuning?
You Need
Chipped P28
OBD1 Distributor
OBD0 OBD1 Dizzy jumper harness (You can just wire the obd1 plugs into your harness to save $$)
OBD0 to OBD1 jumper harness
4 Wire 02 Sensor

Obviously innovative or custom shift linkage
Da throttle cable (your SI might work)
Da clutch cable (or unbolt your clutch bracket, install your EF cable, reinstall bracket)
Your Exhaust will need be extended
B Swap Mounts (Yonaka are budget friendly and widely used)