B16b Swap Wiring Help..

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ok i am about to perform a 00 jdm ctr swap in my 96 dx hatch. i was just wondering if anyone has done this swap before and what problems they ran in to. also what do i have to do about the wiring? (to make it go to the other side of the car). so if you can help in any way please do..
thank you.
use everything that comes with the engine but use your harness just add the VTEC wires
ehh, if he has the ecu from the 00 ctr it wont plug in because the plugs are different, he has a 96 (obdII.a) and 99+ is (obdII.b ) if you use your harness, you'll need to get a jumper harness to get the ctr ecu to work on your harness.... wait... i just realized it could be different with obd version on jdm vehicles.. does anyone know if they followed USDM with having 2 versions of obdII?
yeah good question... i'm kinda wondering that also, i say order the 2a>2b jumper harness from a place you could return it, and if you don't need it then return it...
your harness will not work, you need either an EX harness or a SI harness. The SI harness will cause problems because it won't plug up to the interior harness. A 96-98 ex harness would be best. DX harnesses are trash, you have to wire a bunch of extra sensors and shit because things are in different places (or at least this was my experience putting a 999 b18b into a 97 DX coupe)