B18 Block

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if you are referring to a b18b, then its pointless as the crv head is the same.

if you want to go ls/VTEC, IMO, the gsr head is better for NA while the b16 is better for FI. my $.02
I want to put a B20 head on a B18a block too. The reason is cause the Block was free and the head was purchased cheap with 17k miles. I want to go nonvtec turbo. The block will be rebuilt and the head will be port and polished with stock internals. Can this be done? If the block is sleeved with 84mm sleeves, will the motor be considered a 2.0L motor?
so other words you have the a short block and you bought the b20 head for cheap? The b20 and b18 are the same motor, and I mean same only difference would be the bore and the camshafts. So the b20 head will fit but I recommend you buy new camshafts.
What about the combustion chamber on the heads are they the same as well? I was under the impression that the b20 head had a bigger chamber so I would have to sleeve the block to the 84mm sleeves.