B18 Crank into a B16???

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ummm, I wouldnt reccommend it unless you want to see your pistons come through the valve cover. The physical length of the b16 block cannot handle that kind of stroke.


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kinda not really sorta....
if that makes any sense.

if you have a b16 and want more displacement, consider a storker kit from crower
Wouldn't a stroker kit from crower be something like a B18 crank? What about that eagle kit I see all the time on Ebay? It's like a grand less than crower? Also, if I did bore/sleeve it what company makes sleeves and how far can I bore a B16?

or you could just get a LS block for like 300 bucks and get more torque and reliability vs. a 700 dollar crank, 1000 dollar sleeve kit, 1500 for custom bore pistons and rods, ect. There is a reason people hardly ever do this.