B18a Rev Up

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I'm wondering , I have a portflow ported head and crower valvespring's and retainer's , i have'nt put the head back together yet , i'm guessing 8000 - 8500 , and also can i reprogram the ecu to change the rev limit ? Thank's for any response's ;)
You can rev as high as your ECU will let you. :)

Seriously though... don't rev that bottom end that high unless you've put it back together with some ARP bolts throughout. They'll help you hold together up through 8000rpm.
I have taken several stock LSs to 8000rpms under boost and they have been holding up fine. The biggest problem is the valvetrain becomes unstable and the rocker arms start popping off.. Ive taken built heads to 8500 without any problem.. however the valve lash has to be set quite often with that kind of abuse.

i never heard of that block girdle , do you know where i can get one? and thank's for all the information.
i hate to get out of the subject but do you guys know if i can use a 97 b18b valve cover on my 94 b18b?
they look diffrent but i heard i could. ;)

(not worth starting a new topic over)