b18a1 w/b17 heads

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Ive read a couple threads about this, but i dont have my questions completely answered.

first, I just bought a 91 hatch, with a b18a1 and b17 heads. 5 speeds, stage 3 clutch. has a lot of work in it. when i started it up, i had the hood up to look, and i can hear this ticking sound. Im fairly new to hondas, and so this scared me. i imagined rod knock, but decided to look here, because the owner told me it needs a valve adjustment.

question 1. what specifications am i looking for in that?

i read a couple articles here and there that said that was a normal thing for my set up, and simple additives can help that

question 2. is this true?

also, i heard about LMA's

question 3. how would i check, and would it be them?

and personally, i want to know if its better for me to do this work myself, or have someone else do it ( im not new to cars, just hondas. ive worked on nightmares before, so im not gonna mess things up or dive in without research)

and last question, what else do i need to know? is there something no one has told me yet?

thanks, an dont hate on the new guy too much? :)
EDIT: (and sorry for the double post, im blind and i cant see the edit tool, or maybe its just me)

I have also heard this could be injectors ticking. is that a problem? and if not, is there anything i can do to make it go away? its not an issue if its fine and cant be quieted.

Rod knock will sound like someone knocking on a door with their knuckles, not a light tapping.

Ticking could easily be valves out of adjustment or injector noise. It's hard to tell without hearing it in person.

1. Specs for valve adjustment would be on the sticker inside the hood or in the owner's manual.

2. Ticking shouldn't be "normal" other than injectors. Additives won't help you on this front.

3. LMAs = Lost Motion Assemblies. They're under the middle rocker arms at each cylinder. You'd have to remove them (or just remove your cams and lift the rocker) and check to see if they stick when you push on them. Sometimes you can soak them in an oil bath overnight to rejuvenate them.

If you've worked on other engines before, this is nothing new- just different processes.

Last question, TONS of info. Ask away.

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