b18a1 with p30(si) pistons

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first of all my build: (in progress)
b18a1 block with above pistons
arp rod bolts and head studs
crower 62404 cams and springs+retainers
bored .20 over
ls head 5 angle valve job
thinking about cuting it????
I have tried to do some research before bothering u guys but no clear answers were found. they say u gotta shave the ls rods for the p30 piston, but the wrist pin are all the same in the b series(21mm).Some say i will have no valve to piston clearance issues but im not sure. Are these cams too much for a daily driver even though i dont care about streetabilty, currently driving with a solid stage 3 clucth that shakes the whole car when u take off, dont mind about gas mileage, loopy idle nor none of the other issues. i like it. i want a ricer that wil have balls. thanks for any advice.