B18B in my 92 EG hatch...coolant temp sensor

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I made the millionth post
B18B, ODB1 P75 ECU, modified stock harness in an EG

Ok, the swaps in and I have a CEL (6 flashes - Coolant Tempature Sensor)

My temp gauge works, the car doesn't overheat but the fan doesn't kick on.

Hard to start when cold (but will), then when warm it idles at about 1200rpm...no fluctuation
Unplug the fast idle, the car shuts off. If the keys is still on and I plug it back in I can hear a faint whistle/ring and the valve open/close under the throttle body.

Where is the coolant temp sensor? I thought it was on the thermostat housing, but now I'm thinking thats for the gauge...so theres got to be 2, right?

-Also, yes, I've bled the coolant-
there is on eand it is on the passenger side of the block facing the firewall. I had to replace mine and i threw the code for it. And my car would start fine but as soon as it was warm it wouldnt start anymore till it cooled down.
I've been researching this all weekend and I've come across 2 other people who had the same exact symtons as my car.

BOTH had modified EX/Si harness'...

1 kid seemed to be going crazy after changing both sensors twice, checking everything with a volt meter, ect.

I'm going to buy a stock B18B harness and swap it out on my car. If this clears everything up, I'll post about it in the general forums...maybe Brian can add something to the swap articles or something.

I know people have sucessfully modified their stock Z6 harness' for this swap, but I'm starting to think there might be a simple wire swap/plug extension that you can mess up and and cause these problems (its hard for me to say for sure, I didn't modify my harness, I bought a wrecked EG w/the swap already in it)

anyway, thanks for the responses...
N/G...its plugged in :cry:

I bought a B18 harness..I'll swap it out when it gets here and we'll see what happens
LatnRokr said:
I need help hooking up my gsr. I have some problems with it. If ne one can help please contact me!!
start your own thread
i got a 96 civic.. 94 gsr motor.. and a modified 96ex engine harness.. man.. im having the same exact problem.. after about a day of driving.. my coolant seems to be half gone.. my temp gauge starts to increase like its overheating.. but only when im idle.. when starting the car.. it idles at about 400-800.. and when it warms up.. it idles at about 1300.. constant.. thought it was my thermostat.. but it didnt help when changed.. thinking there is a leak with the coolant.. this has got me stuck.. im still working on it.. and when im running my AC.. it makes it worse.. ahhh.. but seems like we got the same problem.. ill let you know if i solve it..
I GOT A p28 computer in my gsr engine but i think that the vtec is not hooked up 2 the computer. I cant find ne diagrams and living in barstow i cant seem 2 find ne import shops near hear that can do most of the work on my car. If theres ne around barstow let me know!