B18b1 For Only $1395?


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Ok I an looking to swap a B18B1 into my 95 civic dx coupe. I have been cruising the internet for a long time and this is the best price for a complete swap I could find.

<This is taken from the website>

Complete Swap: Engine, Transmission, Computer(ECU), Axels, Stock OEM Engine Mounts, Intermediate shaft, Engine Harness(cut) and CD Installation Guide

DOHC 4 Cylinder 16 Valve
• Hydraulic Transmission
• Redline: 6800 rpm
• Diplacement: 1834cc
• Torque: [email protected]
• Horse Power: [email protected]
• Compression Ratio:9.2:1
• Equipped w/ OBD1 ECU.
• Click here for swap guide!!!
Price: $1395.00 US Dollars

The shipping would be 350 dollars for shipping to anywhere in the US. Considering I'm in Colorado and there are more beachs than tuning shops around here, that isn't all that bad. I have been quoted for this same engine changeover kit for around 2500...for just what you see above. What I want to know is have any of you guys used this company before and what was your experience like? What is missing from this changeover that I would need minus the Del Sol A/C bracket for A/C and shifting linkage of which I already know of? Would you guys have a better suggestion on this or any comments that could help me in deciding what engine to drop in? I like the B18B1 because this car will be a daily driver and the torque would be hella nice. Also I can go turbo later if I feel the need or switch a GSR tranny in for a little fun.

Thank you in advance. :worthy:


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Thats a decent price, i guess...i got my complete swap with everything for 1500, and that is a 2000 with 17K on it. B got his for like 1200 shipped or something like that.

You will need an integra shift linkage ( i have one if youre interested)

Its a pretty good motor, especially for the price. I am 100% satisfied with mine, and i would definetly recommend it. torque owns

However, i doubt that it puts out 152 hp, even being a j spec motor, the only difference it would have is the higher octane over there. Which probably wouldnt benefit you at all cause you get 93 octane over here. So expect around 142 hp...


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I'm still a little confused about the JDM engines Vs USDM...

If I ran a JDM engine that is normally made to use MUCH higher octane than here be able to run on 91 octane? In Colorado the best gas you can buy is 91 octane BTW. What parts would need to be "tweaked" in order for a JDM engine to run on lets say less than premium gas?


I think the octane of the gas is just a measurement of its ability to prevent detonation.

Also, how the fuck can an engine, whose redline is at 6800 rpm make its peak horsepower at 7600 rpm :blink: ?!?! I have a B18B1 in my `95 Civic DX coupe. Torque owns. I can keep up with most cars shifting around 2K-rpm's :D The B18B1 has 30% more torque and 40% more horsepower than my stock engine (at the crank, dyno coming soon...).

Check out My Civic's Webpage about my swap. Email me if you have any questions.

Here's some links to USDM engine specs:
Link #1
Link #2
Link #3


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Originally posted by exhacker@Jan 6 2003, 03:37 AM
I have a B18B1 in my `95 Civic DX coupe. Torque owns. I can keep up with most cars shifting around 2K-rpm's :D


I find myself shifting at 2.5K sometimes just driving normally


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Man where are you guys getting your swaps so cheap?

I would almost buy one right now for $1500 shipped.

H Motors has theirs for $2200 and thats not even shipped.


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Originally posted by GTIginsterVR6@Jan 6 2003, 01:16 PM
Yeah, help us out here. Is there a site you guys know of to find these deals, or did you buy your swaps privately to get them that cheap?

Search the site you will find probably 50 places to buy a motor,not including your local junkyard.


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theres 23123123312323123121 rs/gs/se/ls integras out there from 1994 - 2001. theres probably 4123412342 in your home town/area. what happens when they crash? they go to junk yards.

my motor came from jbap.com who broguht it to terryvilleauto.com which is local to me.