B18C or B18B Auto into Auto 97 EJ6 Hatch

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I'm leaning more towards the B18b because it doesn't have vtec and my hatch doesn't. It has the D16Y7. Gives me one less thing to worry about. I bought the car like this. didn't add anything or do anything except for changing the engine oil, transmission fluid, fuses, cluster lights, headlight bulbs, hood release, and automatic shift knob.
Might as well leave it dseries auto and boost it for less, shitting transmissions now matter how you look at it, and swap cost more than cars value , sure it isnt even clean
I said I'd prefer boost but not that it would decide whether I swapped in a B18 or not. I'm swapping a new engine in regardless of whether it's an auto or manual. I want to swap in an auto B18 but like I said if i try it and I can't figure out the wiring then I'll swap in a manual B18. I'm doing this to sell the car or anything I want to keep the car. So it costing more than what the car is actually worth is fine. Besides the mileage on that engine is 215K so a swap is in order. Looked into the D16Y7 and saw that they're selling them to me for about the same for an auto B18B.
Just do your best to make sure motor is same OBD2A. I'm not sure about auto trans connections to your shift selector or trans wiring in general but all other wiring to motor should be easy with a B18B OBD2A. Use your current engine harness and the plugs all match up. I am pretty sure OBD2A B18B's don't have a knock sensor so all I see for wiring issues is maybe trans but that's because I don't know.
I am a Noob. So the question is has this b18b1 automatic swap been accomplished and what all do I need to do I have the whole swap. I am trying to put a 96 interga ls motor and tranny into a 93 honda civic hatchback. Not interested in the 5 speed swap due to the fact I got this whole swap for free from a buddy that totaled his integra. One other quick question is the motor is obd2a I think. Will it just plug to my civic shock towers and everything work?