B18c Type R Con Rods

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Junior Member
:rolleyes: If I keep my standard B18C Type R con rods but change to 84mm forged pistons (with resleeved block) how much nitrous can the engine take without breaking the con rods?

Also if I change the con rod bolts to ARP bolts will they withstand more nitro?

The ARP Rod Bolts will be a help if you are spinning the motor up tighter than stock numbers, but won't be of help with the NO2 - their purpose is to keep the bearing cap attached to the rod when the piston changes direction from going up to going down @ TDC.

Someone else will have to vouch for the overall strength of the rod...

If your sleeving your block I am assuming that you or your engine builder are going for big horsepower. No, your rods will come to a horrible end. Why would you spend 1300-1500 on a built bottom end and skip rods anyway? :huh:
nitrous + stock rods =